The Gold Coast Desalination plant Project is part of Council’s Gold Coast Waterfuture Strategy and the State’s South East Queensland Regional Drought Strategy Contingency Supply Plan. It is the largest sea water desalination plant built on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

In July 2006, the State Government provided funding to Gold Coast City Council to support works associated with the proposed expansion of the desalination plant from an operational capacity of 55 megalitres (ML) per day to 125 megalitres (ML) per day.

The Gold Coast Desalination Alliance (GCDA) made the decision to protect any cracking that appeared in the concrete floors and walls in all storage tanks to ensure the long term durability and sustainability of the concrete structure for the asset owners for decades to come.

GCDA were seeking an innovate and superior solution and ultimately selected the Penetron repair system to undertake all the crack remediation where over 1,000 lineal metres of cracks were repaired and sealed using a combination of the following Penetron products where we were able to add some value engineering :

Peneplug: Cementitious crystalline rapid setting anchoring plug.
Penetron : Cementitious crystalline slurry.
Penecrete Mortar: Cementitious crystalline mortar.

With this project being over 15 years old, it reinforces the strength, sustainability and durability of the Penetron system. Bring the power of Penetron to your next project.

Products Used