“We strive to consistently provide the highest quality products and the required support system to ensure the success of our customers’ projects – anywhere in the world.”


About Us

Penetron Australia is the industry leader in the concrete waterproofing, remedial and durability space, recognised nationally as providing value-added, customised experiences for our clients.

We achieved this through our strong, core leadership team who are committed to building long lasting partnerships where our clients trust we will overcome their challenges and achieve their goals time after time.

Our innovative approach and quality products speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in delivering concrete waterproofing solutions that can efficiently and sustainably protect the asset for life as well as cutting time and labour costs in the long term.

We are able to guarantee the efficiency of our products through a multitude of renowned test laboratories as well as major engineering and architectural departments, contractors and ready-mix companies.

Our products have been used across a wide range of large-scale infrastructure and private projects including hydroelectric power plants, sewage treatment plants, tunnels, bridges, marine environments, water retaining structures, residential and commercial basements, etc.

We have cemented ourselves as the preferred choice, and trusted brand through our proven performance, ease, and versatility of application, but most importantly, for our strong focus on delivering an unparalleled level of customer service.

What We Do


High Quality Waterproofing System

Penetron® is a chemical concrete additive providing total concrete protection to commercial, industrial, infrastructural and residential developments.
See Crystalline Products.


Sealer For Lifelong Protection

Penetrating into the surface and reacting with the elemental concrete ingredients.
See Our Liquid Sealers.


Concrete Construction Joints

Designed to stop water ingress through cast-in-place concrete construction joints, provides optimal upgrade for PVC.
See Our Waterstops.

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