PENETRON coating is a crystalline waterproofing surface-applied, integral crystalline waterproofing material. PENETRON is used for waterproofing and chemical protection at both above and below ground level.

A surface-applied, integral crystalline waterproofing material, which is used for waterproofing and chemical protection at both above and below ground level. It is applied by brush or spray to either the positive or the negative side of the concrete and in the presence of moisture penetrates deeply into the structure. The ensuing chemical reaction fills microcracks, pores and capillaries with an insoluble crystalline formation, which prevents water and water-borne chemicals from entering, even under high hydrostatic pressure. Cracks that develop during the lifetime of the concrete are self-healed by PENETRON, resulting in permanent concrete protection.



Penetron is recommended for use in any concrete or block structure where it is required to keep water in or out. Penetron should also be applied to concrete or block structures exposed to potential water or chemical attack and thus requiring waterproofing and protection. It is applicable to either the positive side (side exposed to water) or the negative side (side opposite the water) and meets with all waterproofing requirements.


  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete, forming a complete body of strength and durability. Penetron should not be confused with a coating or a membrane.
  • Penetrates deeply and seals concrete’s capillary tracts and shrinkage cracks.
  • Can be applied to either the positive or the negative side.
  • Waterproofing and chemical resistance properties remain intact even if the surface is damaged.
  • Completely effective against high hydrostatic head pressure.
  • More effective overall and less costly than hydrolytic membrane or clay panel systems.
  • Easy to apply and labour cost effective.
  • Increases concrete’s comprehensive strength.
  • Cannot come apart at the seams, tear or puncture.
  • Does not require protection during backfilling, placements of steel or wire mesh, or other common procedures.
  • Seals cracks of up to 0.4mm. Does not merely mask or bridge hairline and shrinkage cracks.
  • Permits concrete to breathe, eliminating water vapour build up and leaving the concrete completely dry.
  • Resists chemical attack (PH 3-11 constant contact; PH 2-12 periodic contact) and provides a wide range of protection from freeze/thaw cycles, aggressive subsoil waters, seawater, carbonates, chlorides, sulphates and nitrates.
  • Can be applied to moist or green concrete.
  • Protects reinforcing steel.
  • Nontoxic.
  • Approved for potable water use.
  • No extensive curing times (except in very hot or low-humidity conditions).


Penetron’s waterproofing effect is achieved by the reaction of the various chemical components contained in the solution when combined within the concrete matrix. The compound penetrates deep into the capillary tracts of the concrete by pressure of osmosis and forms crystals that completely seal the capillaries and shrinkage cracks to drive out moisture. The process works with or against the pressure of water. In the absence of moisture, Penetron components lie dormant. Should moisture recur at any time, the chemical reaction and sealing process repeats itself automatically and advances even more deeply into the concrete. Penetron chemicals will continuously seal and reseal due to their chemical nature. Crystalline growth from capillary waterproofing has been measured as deep as nearly 1 metre from the point of application. Penetron® is 100% compatible with concrete, brick, mortar, and stone.