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The concrete waterproofing standard details below are for Above Groundwater locations and a Standard Warranty. For any Below Groundwater locations and Extended Warranties, please contact us through Have a Projects?

There are other different scenarios that we have greyed out from the attached standard details, which we can happily discuss with you upon request.

Blockwork Treatment

Bottom detail between slab and wall

Construction joints between suspended slab and walls

Construction joints between slab pours

Pipe Penetrations

PVC Walling Systems

Slab to Secant Piles – No Shotcrete – Below Groundwater table

Slab to Sheet Piles – Below Groundwater table

External Shotcrete to Soldier Piles (Contiguous Piles similar)

Internal Shotcrete to Soldier Piles

The details below will cover the typical remediation works in existing structures; however, you might have an issue that is not covered below, so please contact us through Have a Projects?

There are other different scenarios that we have greyed out from the attached standard details, which we can happily discuss with you upon request.

Repair of Dry cracks

Repair of Wet cracks (Crystalline)

Repair of Wet cracks (Non-Crystalline)

Repair of Dry Honeycombing and Chipping

Repair of Wet Honeycombing and Chipping

Repair of Dry Concrete Spalling

Repair of Wet Concrete Spalling

Repair of Tie Bolt Holes

Repair Post-Tensioning Stressing Pans

Remediation of the anchor points through piles, CSM and Diaphragm walls

Concrete Floor Sealing and Waterproofing (Penetrating)

Penetron Coating for Concrete Waterproofing and Durability

The cementitious membrane BLOCKSEAL can also be used to treat water retaining structures, Stair Wells, Lift Pits, PVC walling systems, Precast walls, Rooftops, Balconies, etc. Please ask us how?

Penetron Australia worked relentlessly to create various extremely important and detailed technical documents to address nearly every scenario that you normally come across on sites. These can be in basements, rooftops, shotcrete, OSD tanks, planter boxes, concrete sealing, PVC walling systems, and a lot more.

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Penetron is constantly doing what the market is dictating to comply with all the compliance bodies nationally and internationally. Hence the reason it’s going through a series of testing for compliance and comformance.

Access the compliance documents and Concrete test results

Penetron Admix SB is dosed at a rate of 0.8% minimum of the total cementitious material by mass. To make it cost-effective, it is important to optimise your loads in such way that the Penetron Admix dosage is close enough to the rate of 0.8%.
Download the Penetron dosing calculator and Chart (Excel)

Every warranted project requires the Penetron project specific dosage information form to be filled out by the concrete supplier for every batch dosed with the Penetron Admix SB and returned to form part of the warranty documents.
Download the Penetron project specific dosage information Form (PDF)

If you are working on a project and would like to know more about how to waterproof your concrete, please send us a set of drawings, sketches or just a description of your project and let us do the thinking for  you.

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Design a waterproof and durable shotcrete wall.

Shotcrete is one of the most used construction techniques in basements against shoring systems. However, if the important steps were not adhered to right from the design stages, especially in hydrostatic conditions, it becomes one the most heartbreaking walls to look at. Some of the main issues are the quality of the finish, the concrete cracking, and the waterproofing.

Learn from Nature when you design your basement

Learn from nature…
Nature never skips a step to be as perfect as it is and has always been.
When the roots (Basement) are well drained and fed, the leaves (The building) remain green and healthy for decades.

Learn new simple ways in concrete remediation

Concrete is one of the oldest construction materials and one of the most durable and easiest to have access to. However, like any other construction material, it has its downfalls such as cracking, weak tensile strength, porous, and still misunderstood by the end user. There are over 3500 concrete mixes worldwide used in different applications and environments, and if the wrong mix is used, heartbreaking results are encountered. As a result, concrete remediation is something that you cannot avoid during the design life of the structure. Join us to learn a little more about concrete, why it deteriorates, and how to repair some of the most common failures or simply protect or rejuvenate the unavoidable aged and worn-out concrete.