Solaris Civic Precinct“, a Multi storey mixed used development, NSW Government, Midcoast Council joint venture with Global Construction to deliver a well long overdue precinct to the local area and community. The development will comprise of 4 Towers with varying heights up to 10 storeys high, with multiple car spaces and recreational facilities for the community.
• New public library of 2000m2 including offices, meeting rooms & amenities.
• Indoor & outdoor public community space capable of accommodating over 200 people.
• Midcoast Council customer service centre, retail shops, supermarkets, hotel & gymnasium.
• A Visitor Information Centre of 100m2, office space, shared community lounge with library.
• Over 200 car parking spaces, disabled parking spaces & associated roadworks.
• Seniors living apartments, Community green spaces & gardens.
The land on which the development is located on, was the former Forster School of Arts Hall & became the focus for a plan for the civic precinct, which will also house a new, larger library for the community.
The site, located on the corner of Lake, West and Middle Streets, was acquired with the intent of utilising part of the land for the Council facilities and exploring commercial opportunities for the development of the rest of the land.
Penetron Australia was engaged in late 2018 to evaluate and carry out preliminary design options that best suited the development, more so the surrounding harsh environmental elements, as the site was in a water table and less than 100 metres away from Forster’s riverbank. After months of consultation with the engineers & developer, Penetron Australia was formally awarded the project to supply its products and services, as well as provide training to applicators to address the complexity and challenges surrounding the development and its site conditions.

“Solaris Civic Precinct” brought modernity, functionality, and a much needed centre to the local community.

Client: NSW Government/ Midcoast Council
Global Constructions
Engineer: ADG Consulting Engineers
Architect: TVS Architects
Concrete Supplier: Holcim

Areas Treated: Basement slabs, lift pits, OSD tanks, shotcrete walls, all construction joints, exposed podiums, roof slabs.
Request the Master Penetron Specifications for examples of how to waterproof different areas of your building.

Products Used