Design and construction of a 3,500m2 high-bay industrial facility on the Central Coast of NSW, which caters for a specialist paint-line production plant and warehouse capability for Wideline Windows.

Stevens Construction is synonymous with meticulous safety, proficient selection of materials, and excellent construction and quality control processes. As well as expertise from specialists in design, planning, engineering and construction management, every Stevens’ build features the hands-on skill of the working directors to create the hallmark of Stevens Construction – a high-quality, on-time build. With this in mind, negotiations started with Penetron Australia to provide a permanent, penetrating sealer to the concrete that will provide a long-term protected surface for the client.

Peneseal FH is a clear, reactive penetrating sealer designed to permanently protect, preserve and strengthen concrete and masonry building materials. PENESEAL FH penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and reacts with the elemental concrete ingredients to solidify them into a harder, denser, stronger concrete mass. Alkali salts and minerals are flushed out in the process, eliminating efflorescence and leaching, and increasing bonding of surface coatings.

Penetron Australia worked closely with Stevens Construction and applicators, Cut ‘n’ Seal, to co-ordinate the install of Peneseal FH on time and to specification.

Principal Contractor: Stevens Construction
Application Contractor: Cut ‘n’ Seal

 Areas treated: All warehouse floors were treated with Peneseal FH

Products Used