The Clifford Apartments on the shores of Sydney Harbor. A conversion of the existing 6 x 2 bedroom apartments (with no vehicular access) on 3 levels, into 4 brand new luxury apartments. While maintaining the existing façade and its “Art Deco” style and character, a new apartment was added on level 1, plus 2 underground levels, including under-sea-water basement.

Work included providing new road access, underground basement, new balconies and high-level but sympathetic, state of the art finishes for the new apartments.

Penetron Admix was used in all below basement to protect from not only ground water but sea water. Built right on the banks of Sydney Harbor, the concrete mix needed to be optimized to increase its durability & sustainability. Penetron Admix was chosen, as recent studies have shown Penetron Admix can increase the lifespan of the concrete by up to 60 years. Subject to wind, salts and contaminates from the ocean, Penetron Admix was also used in the concrete roof slab.

Builder/Developer: Rahnch Constructions
Engineer: John Romanous & Associates
Architect: Marchese Partners Int Pty Ltd
Concrete Supplier: Holcim

Areas Treated: Basement slabs, lift pits, OSD tank & roof slab.
Request the Master Penetron Specifications for examples of how to waterproof different areas of your building.

Products Used