ZONE 1901 The Borough is an industrial development consisting of 53 factory warehouses. This unique two storey development provides high end finishes to both external and internal elements consisting of work pod style warehouses as well larger warehouse spaces with mezzanines. An extension to The Borough is the Industrial Quarter, a single level 27 warehouse unit complex.

Our Penetron products were specified into the project by structural engineers Henry & Hymas, designing the use of both Penetron Admix and Peneseal PRO to the exposed concrete on the suspended slab above office and warehouse space. In dialogue with waterproofing consultants, Waterproofing Integrity and the builder, we proposed a construction joint detail utilising both Penebar SW55 Type B swellable waterstop and Hydrostop CB200 cast-in PVC for all construction joints of the suspended slab.

We installed waterstops prior to the delivery of ready-mix concrete with Penetron Admix to site by Hymix. After initial cure, we identified some cracking. It was concluded that this was due to lateral restraint, the pull from both outside slabs. Fortunately, Penetron Admix was in the mix and the self-healing of the concrete began to take place. Once the build was near complete and the slab ready to be sealed.

The concrete was cleaned and prepared for our post pour application of Peneseal PRO. When sprayed onto a thoroughly cleansed concrete surface, Peneseal PRO will react with the concrete to form a sub-surface gel. This gel seals the pores, capillaries and cracks. As long as water is present, the product will remain active and seal future hairline cracks. Once the application was complete, the flooding process was undertaken. Where persistent leaks were identified, we treated them locally with a second dose of  Peneseal PRO.

Additional products:
Our Penetron system was also used in the OSD tank utilising Penetron Admix and Penebar SW55 to construction joints. Industrial SL was used to remediate external concrete sections.

We treated the trafficable external driveways of the Industrial Quarter with Peneseal FH-PS to provide a long-standing abrasion and slip-resistant surface.

After initial apprehension to the potency of Peneseal PRO and our complete system, builders Trescon can testify to the power and performance of the Penetron system.

“I have been using Penetron products & systems for many years. They have proved effective throughout this project. Particularly the Penetron Admix and Peneseal PRO combination to our suspended trafficable slab. Would definitely use again.”
Paquale Pepe, Trescon Site Manager

Builder: Trescon
Structural Engineer: Henry & Hymas
Architect: Bennett Murada
Contractor: Water Control
Concrete Supplier: Hymix

Areas Treated: The Borough OSD Tank, suspended slab level 1, Industrial Quarter external slab on ground sections.

Products Used