PENESEAL FH PS is a clear, reactive penetrating sealer for concrete and masonry building materials designed to permanently protect, preserve and strengthen by hardening, sealing, curing, dust proofing, neutralizing alkali and bonding the concrete surface.

PENESEAL FH PS penetrates deep into concrete and reacts with the elemental concrete ingredients to solidify them into a harder, denser, stronger concrete mass. Alkali salts and minerals are flushed out in the process, eliminating efflorescence and leaching and increasing bonding of surface coatings.

Size: 19L Pail (10-12 m²/L).



  • Concrete floor hardening.
  • Concrete floor densifying.
  • Concrete floor protection.
  • Curing aid.
  • Efflorescence reducer



Peneseal FH is a transparent, chemically active, water-based sealer that penetrates concrete and masonry building materials, protecting, preserving and strengthening them permanently by:

  • Improved, uniform curing: Peneseal FH is an effective curing agent that controls hairline, early shrinkage and temperature cracking on new concrete, thus stabilizing the surface and effectively reducing crazing. Peneseal FH chemically seals the concrete, locking in moisture and allowing the concrete to cure more effectively and uniformly. Promoting a more complete hydration process enables the concrete to meet or even exceed its design strength.
  • Life-long sealing: Peneseal FH penetrates deep into the concrete actively locking the pores from within. Peneseal FH provides all concrete surfaces with a deep, permanent, solid life-long seal resulting in an easy to be cleaned and maintained surface.
  • Effective hardening and impact resistance: Peneseal FH increases the strength and durability of concrete by hardening and strengthening the component parts of the concrete into one solid mass. Concrete is protected from damage and deterioration as Peneseal FH increases the density, toughness and hardness and substantially increases the abrasion and impact resistence.
  • Chemical resistance: One application of Peneseal FH provides chemical resistence to most organic acids, alkalis, salts, oils, greases and other surface contaminants.
  • Dustproofing: Peneseal FH provides a dust-free surface by chemically reacting with the salts in the concrete. Hardening of the concrete surface greatly reduces wear and thus the release of concrete dust. Subjected to abrasion resistence testing, Peneseal FH treated concrete has shown increased resistence to wear by as much as 80%. By creating a traffic-resistant and self-polishing floor surface Peneseal FH improves floor appearance with increased use.
  • Smooth surface finishing: Smooth steel troweled surfaces develop a permanent hard-shell, marble-like finish and sheen between 6 and 12 months after treatment. This sheen is caused by the hardening and sealing effects of Peneseal FH as well as abrasion from cleaning and use of the floor. As a permanent part of the concrete surface, the sheen will last the lifetime of the surface.
  • Bonding: Peneseal FH treated concrete surfaces form the ideal surface to receive paints, caulking compounds, adhesives and floor coverings since the surface salts that are detrimental to proper bonding are eliminated during treatment. Peneseal FH can be coated with any type of covering when standard surface preparation guidelines are followed. The product does not contain silicone.
  • Treatment Results: A single application of Peneseal FH helps cure and seal concrete and masonry, rendering them highly resistant to oils, greases, and other surface contaminants. The compoinent parts of the concrete are solidified into a solid mass, which toughens, hardens and increases the density. The surface alkali is neutralised and efflorescence and the leaching of lime and alkali are stopped.
  • Treatable Materials:
    • Concrete
    • Heavyweight concrete block
    • Mortar
    • Plaster
    • Stucco
    • Terrazzo
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Any sand, aggregate, cement combination.