The Fontana Drive Bridge in Box Hill is a recently completed bridge project that boasts a 100-year design life. This is a significant achievement in the field of bridge engineering, as it ensures the safety and longevity of the structure for future generations.

The bridge’s retaining walls, which consist of prestressed beams spanning across a river, were heavily reinforced. However, due to issues with vibration and compaction during the construction process, the concrete showed voids and honeycombing throughout the walls. This raised concerns with the council, contractor, and consulting engineers regarding the structural integrity of the bridge.

The team responsible for the project took swift action to address these concerns, putting people’s safety first. Our National Technical Manager “Hacene Baleh” personally inspected the site thoroughly and wrote a detailed full specification proposal on how to remediate the wall, both deep inside the concrete and on the surface. The proposed methods included the use of PENETRON, PENETRON CR-90, PENESEAL PRO RTU, and PENEGUARD. The results of these efforts were outstanding, and the bridge was approved for the intended 100-year design life.

In conclusion, the Fontana Drive Bridge in Box Hill serves as a shining example of the lengths that can be taken to ensure the safety and longevity of a bridge. The 100-year design life of this bridge demonstrates the effectiveness of the methods used to remediate the structure. Furthermore, the efforts of the team responsible for the project serve as a testament to the importance of collaboration, paying attention to detail, in the field of bridge engineering.

Client: Christie Civil
Structural Engineer: Cardno (Stantec)
Asset Owner: The Hills Shire Council
Remedial Contractor: Picca Services

Area treated: Supporting Bridge walls.

Products Used