Penetron Australia was engaged to present a remedial solution for a wet basement in a watertable
area. The area had been treated with a bentonite blanket system and had a secant piling system
around the perimeter of the project. It was however, 12 months into the build, still leaking through
the piles to slab junction, through a section of the slab and through the piles themselves. Penetron
Admix was selected for the topping slab with Penebar SW-55 at all construction joints and around
pipe penetrations.

The major issue however was the continual moisture coming through the secant piles. There were
varying degrees of waterflow in-between the piles and moisture ingress through the piles. Some
sections had water spilling out in a stream. Contractors had been engaged to inject the leaks with
epoxy resin. As can be seen in the images below, it made for an ineffective and messy solution.
After an intense clean through pressure wash, Peneplug was recommended to stop all active
waterflow through the piles and Penecrete Mortar used to plug between piles where water was not
present, as a preventative measure. After all water flow had ceased, Penetron was spray applied to
the entire pilling wall from floor to ceiling, with particular attention to the junction where slab
meets piles.

Principal Contractor: Richard Crookes Constructions
Architect: Morrison Design Partnership
Concrete Supplier: Hanson
Waterproofing Contractor: Superseal Protective Coatings

PENETRON PRODUCTS USED: Penetron Admix, Penebar SW55, Penetron, Penecrete Mortar,

Products Used