Waterplug sets quickly while bonding to the surface and expanding to rapidly block the flow of water in a few minutes after application. Use as a permanent patching material above or below grade.

Waterplug’s super-fast setting, non-shrink and high-bonding properties make it an excellent mortar for anchoring ornamental iron, bolts, posts and dowels. Waterplug expands slightly to grip the surface of the embedded item and fill every crevice of the concrete cavity. Waterplug can be used as a patching material at temperatures below 0ºC. At these temperatures, any other patching materials are unusable or require expensive and time consuming attention.

The catalytic reaction which produces the highly accelerated setting time generates enough heat to assure a secure surface bond. Use Waterplug for below freezing repairs of roadways, bridge decks, cold storage rooms etc. Properly applied, Waterplug will provide permanent, watertight seals that will not corrode or decompose.