SUPERFILM AA is designed to assist in the control of plastic shrinkage. SUPERFILM AA should always be used when the temperature of the conditions (air & ground) are greater than 5ºC different from the temperature of the concrete being placed.
Windy conditions (dry particularly) can accentuate this variance, accelerating the moisture loss from the slab.

 Exclusively Manufactured for and distributed by Penetron Australia



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves quality of concrete because of
    controlled water evaporation
  • Reduces likelihood of crusting or dusting of
    concrete surface
  • Can reduce the incidence of plastic shrinkage
  • Water based

Technical Data

SUPERFILM AA should be applied to the exposed surfaces of concrete every time the surface sheen is broken during the finishing process.


Spray on following the pour and before the finishing.


Retain the moisture within the concrete and preventing from escaping rapidly under heat or wind conditions.