Our Vision

Penetron Australia was born in 2006, with humble beginnings in a Milperra warehouse. At the time there was a clear gap in the market, with a lack of quality concrete waterproofing solutions available to consumers in the Australian market. 

We wanted to provide an alternative, a business that was not just selling products, but one that was solutions focused and built on long lasting client relationships and unparalleled customer service. 

At that time, Sydney was the biggest market and therefore, the obvious place to start. We built our team from the ground up, establishing a clear focus on recruiting a management team that was specialised, high performing and aligned with the core values of Penetron Australia. Our founding team saw the vision and wanted to be part of a company setting the benchmark for quality service and sustainable products. The Penetron Australia Vision

It was with this strong core team, we were able to spread our wings and expand further to metro and regional areas with offices in all eastern states and WA. We have now achieved full coverage, cementing ourselves as a fully recognisable and accessible Australian brand with distributors across the country. We have established ourselves as a preferred supplier, not only through our superior products, but by putting a focus on creating long term relationships with our clients. Every client relationship starts with the intention to over deliver and is built on the foundations of loyalty and trust. Business is more than a transaction to us, it is about delivering a customer experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

We are persistent in our work ethic and commitment to quality and service with a focus on customer retention, which has allowed us to build solid relationships with his clients across the country. 

Our focus has always been delivering the most sustainable, innovative, long term durable solutions result for our clients and their asset, all while maintaining long-lasting loyal relationships.

Although we have achieved so much thus far, we are looking to the future and focusing on the steps we need to take to achieve our goals. 

In the near future, we are confident we will  be fully recognised in Australia as the premium and superior brand in crystalline waterproof and durability admixture. We want to see Penetron used at every concrete plant in Australia and to be able to supply an extended range of products to serve the entire industry. 

By 2026, we strive to establish networks across New Zealand and Pacific regions as well as setting up networks for international business in the trans- tasman and pacific. 

We know that we can achieve these goals through continuous testing and innovation of our products, while ensuring we are conforming to Australian standards. As we expand, our team grows with us to ensure we continue to deliver an unbeatable customer service experience for our clients. Along with our range of quality, market breaking products, this is our point of difference and what our success is built on.  

Our vision is simple. We will work to remain fully recognised in Australia and globally.

Our Mission