Penetron is one of the reputable waterproofing companies we have gone to that has maintained high standards of works and have gone above and beyond in ensuring that they get their work done on time. They have understood the urgency on multiple jobs and have rescheduled their crews on many occasions to ensure that the urgency has been met for us, which Im sure they have done so for most, if not all of their other clients. Their Management staff and the staff on site have been very easy to deal with and have executed their works with highest standard and quality in this tough market.
Arjun Ramesh
Senior Project Manager
AttCall Group
I started using Penetron on our walls as they had moisture coming through them. I have found Penetron easy to use and they have delivered what they said they would.
Site Manager
Marquee Developments
Alistair (Victoria) and the team go above and beyond for us on the many projects we have successfully completed. They offer a prompt service with a great engineering team always there to offer guidance and help.
Master Seal Solutions
It was a pleasure working with the Penetron product and team to achieve the tanking requirement on our basement. From understanding your product to designing a relevant system that works within our means, we even encountered a number of complications along the way. I found that Penetron was able to easily adapt to the complications and find a system or alternative product that will achieve an end result that works. Penetron provided a product that will help meet all requirements. The site team was able to install the product in a way that worked with all of us and then finalized the installation with a test plan certification.
Elie Sarkis
Site Manager
“Having worked with Penetron over the last 15 years we have received a high level of customer service and technical support from Steve and the Penetron team. I would highly recommend the Penetron product on any future project.
General Manager
Hunter Readymixed Concrete
Having worked with Penetron over the last 5 years we have received both "great service and results" during and after the installation. I would highly recommend the Penetron products.
Michael Ryan
Senior Project Manager
Richard Crookes
Without doubt Penetron Australia is the industry leader in the concrete waterproofing, remedial and durability space , during my time within the industry we have partnered up from the very start and seen our partnership expand from small residential projects to large infrastructure projects, and preferred supplier contracts. The expertise on offer is second to none. I have been able to grow the awareness throughout many organizations on the back of performance, professionalism, technical support , customer service and value add. From the top, their very own MD & General Manager have always taken the time & effort to ensure my customers, sales teams, & batchers have direct support from the entire Penetron Family
Mario Polito
General Manager
"I have been using Penetron products & systems for many years. They have proved effective throughout this project. Particularly the Penetron Admix and Peneseal PRO combination to our suspended trafficable slab. Would definitely use again." Paquale Pepe, Trescon Site Manager
Pasquale Pepe
Site Manager
Penetron Australia have been incredibly easy to deal with throughout the process of design, delivery, on-site QA, final inspection, and warranty. We have worked together to provide off-form, high-end, waterproof finishes to critical roof and planter box sections. We pride ourselves on high specification finishes and Penetron Australia have proven to be a perfect partner on our current project. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.
Andrew Page
HiSpec Constructions
Great friendly team and super reliable. Experts in concrete waterproofing solutions. Always making themselves available for technical consultations and customer meetings.
Key Account Manager
End to end solution consulted and designed, delivering an architecturally finished flooring solution. Highly recommend the product quality, Penetron consultancy focus, with hands on approach to completion as per scope.
Owner Builder
The Hampden
Great service out on site, crew are polite and helpful when getting the job done. Steve is always on call when you need support or advice and the products have stood the test of time over the years I’ve used them.
Matt O’Sullivan
General Foreman
Mainbrace Constructions
I have been using Penetron systems for the past 5 years. Usually as an admix to waterproof suspended roof slabs and the penebar system for waterstops to Lifts, Travelators and OSD tanks below ground. Penetron off excellent service with respect to top tier installers backed by the Penetron support and sales advice and ultimately their warranties. I would always use Penetron by choice and have established a great rapport with Steve and Hacene.
Shane Edwards
General Foreman
Mainbrace Constructions
The Penetron crystalline system is a great solution I regularly use these products in concrete leak remedial jobs ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tony Saba
FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd
I have been using the Penetron products since 2010 and currently using the products. I have typically used Penetron as an admixture to waterproof basement floor slabs and walls, roof top slabs and carpark slabs. We have completed 3 projects where we have used Penetron successfully, all with basements within water tables and the basements are dry, the 1st project with Penetron being 12 years on since construction. I have complete confidence in the products, it’s my go to for waterproofing concrete structures and planning our next stage of our current development to use Penetron admixtures as our waterproofing solution. I have worked closely with the Penetron team and found them to be knowledgeable, helpful and doing business with these guys has been a pleasure. Keep up the good work Penetron!
Mal Kukas
Construction Manager
Global Construction Corporation
Hacene is a professional professor at building waterproof and construction area. my husband & I are so pleased for his patient and friendly guided for our home elevator foundation. Thanks, great penetron products ! Thanks, Hacene !
House owner
Private House
Thank you Hacene, very kind of you, what we did together was great, and I learnt a lot from you through the process (credit to you for your knowledge, commitment and hard work) I look forward to continuing this on all our projects together.
David Kamel
Creative Vision
Steve and his team are always very responsive to requests for information, be it project pricing or technical details. Always a pleasure to deal with.
Ryan Tuckwell
Sales, Quality and Technical Manager
Hunter Readymixed Concrete
Steve, we appreciate the training and support provided by you and your team to allow our customer service professionals to understand the products features and benefits.
Eddie McPherson
Customer Service Manager
Always great service and support from Steve and the Team. Much appreciated. Cheers
Scott Bradwell
Sales Manager
We use Penetron on all of our oceanfront homes. The 75 year guarantee gives us reassurance that there will be no moisture affecting our reinforcement, and gives peace of mind to our clients. I trust the product so much that I've used it on my own personal homes as well. Thanks again Neil
Neil Hipwell
FutureFlip Homes
Penetron  Australia provided both the admixture and Penebar products for the Project at 7-9 Irvine pl Norwest Business Park, to date the product has not failed and we haven’t had one leak. The team at Penetron have proved that their product and after sales service is second to none, I would highly recommend using these products.
Mick Zahra
Project Manager
Have dealt with Penetron for many years now. Penetron has always been the preferred waterproof admixture company we enjoy working with simply because they are efficient, informative and cost effective which assist us in delivering a quality, defect free project to our clients. We look forward in working together with yourself on the upcoming projects.
Mark Traino
Traino Group
It’s been great working with Penetron for several years, you have provided a great deal of information on the product that you endorse and continual technical information and support when questions are raised during construction. You follow up on the progress of current works and like to keep in touch to hear about the performance of past projects where Penetron product has been used. At this stage since using the various Penetron products in the lift pits, walls and concrete roofs I have had no defects.
John Samrani
Project Manager
Samrani Developments
For us at Rolz Group Pty Ltd, our experiences with Penetron have been nothing but efficient and successful. Their expertise in waterproofing, concrete protection and environmental safety proved most effective in the construction of our residential project in Auburn.
Richard Bechara
Managing Director
Rolz Group
Thank you for your assistance with the recent pour. Your quick response and follow up allowed me to ensure I had the admixture in plant ready for the pour. I also appreciated the follow up and site presence to ensure everything went smoothly. Thank you.
Andrew Price
Territory Sales Manager
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in Sales and technical information. With the amount of technical data required by our client for the Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment Project, you made it easy to close out many request for information. I look forward in future dealings with you.
Robert Traino
Project Manager
Traino Group
I would like to thank Penetron for assisting Cherrie Civil Engineering at Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment Project. Products and technical solutions offered by Penetron met and even exceeded our requirements and expectations. The frequent presence and professional advise helped us with streamlining installation process of waterproofing products that we’ve purchased. Overall, it was a great experience. We’re looking forward to work with you again on our future projects.
Marcin Muczyn
Project Engineer
Cherrie Civil Engineering
My experience to date dealing with Penetron has been great. The product knowledge and accessibility is great and assistance onsite has been extremely helpful. It’s been a pleasure working with Penetron on our project.
Roger Zraika
Ultra Building Co
Thanks for the services Penetron Australia has provided us at our project located at 25 Chadstone Road EAST MALVERN regarding the water ingress problem we had in the carpark basement. We have re-visited the site and found the PENETRON product has held up well and we have no further leaking. I would like to thank you personally for your prompt and professional service, making yourself available to oversee the application of your product as well as your follow up after the job was completed. We will definitely recommend the PENETRON product and in particular your services to any of our Architects, Clients and Developers.
Nick Costabile
Amitran is a building and development company working primarily in the commercial sector. We have worked with Penetron on a variety of creative waterproofing solutions for close to 10 years. The projects we have worked on have ranged from 1000m2 to 12,000 square meter commercial complexes as well as high end residential houses. The concrete I have poured with Penetron has never leaked or caused any issues. I would highly recommend Penetron to anyone seeking a quality waterproofing solution for concrete.
Gavin Elterman
Area Manager
Penetron service and product technical knowledge is unmatched. From the time the project is confirmed through the planning stage, concrete plant supplies and pour day, to after the concrete is poured. The green tracer is a great idea and assurance the product was added by the concrete plants. I would strongly advise the Penetron products and range to any quality builder.
Jason Marsh
Metcorp Projects
I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with Penetron on the Genisis Care project for Akalan last year. The solutions you provided were more than helpful and you were always able to get the Penetron product to site when it was required. I also appreciated being able to get you on the phone to bounce ideas off you. I look forward to working with Penetron on future projects.