Knox Grammar School is an independent, day and boarding school for boys, located in Wahroonga, New South Wales, an upper North Shore suburb of Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1924 by the Presbyterian Church of Australia as an all-boys school, and named after John Knox. The school has since grown, branching out into a large Senior School of approximately 1550 students and a Preparatory School of 550.] The school also caters for approximately 160 boarding students from Years 7 to 12.
Undergoing recent renovations and re-developments, Penetron was pleased to be part of the extension of the underground car park and the upgrade of the tennis courts and gardens. Holcim Concrete suggested Penetron Admix be used instead of any other alternatives in the market.
Penetron Admix was selected as a viable system to waterproof and provide durability to 700m3 of 40Mpa concrete. New concrete was poured up to existing concrete in 2 pours to the roof slab of the car park. The tennis courts and new landscaping with 300mm of soil & turf were to go on top.
Head contractor Co-Wyn is extremely happy with the end result as the Penetron guarantee eliminated the requirement for further waterproofing under the landscaping and asphalt.

Principal Contractor: Co-Wyn Building Contractors Pty Ltd
Architect: Drew Dickson Architects Pty Ltd
Engineer: Goral Pty Ltd
Concrete Supplier: Holcim

 Areas Treated: All suspended slabs under tennis courts and garden re-development/ soffit to carpark.

Products Used