A two component, ready to use, hyper elastic coating with extreme elongation & flexibility.

Specially designed, hyper-elastic waterproofing system of a cement base, mixed with a specially formulated polymer emulsion. It presents excellent bonding and elongation characteristics, which makes it an ideal solution for surface waterproofing under temperature variations, crack bearing and moving surfaces (dynamic behaviour). Seal Coat conforms to AS4654.1 and AS4858



• Balconies and Terraces
• Raft Foundations
• Basements & Retaining walls
• Planters
• Swimming Pools
• Tanks & Water Reservoirs
• Fountains
• Roof slabs covered with roof tiles.


• Easy application by brush
• Excellent bonding on properly prepared surfaces
• Water vapor permeable
• Excellent flexibility
• Crack bridging properties up to 2 mm
• High elongation capacity

• Impermeable
• Retains designed properties under extreme weather conditions
• Non-toxic
• Non-corrosive
• Non-solvent
• UV Stable

Technical Data

SEAL COAT SF150 coverage is approx. 1.4 kg/m². Two layers of 0.7kg/m2 per coat are usually recommended for low and medium demands, and three layers for high waterproofing demands. For further advice please consult Penetron Technical


SEAL COAT SF150 is designed to be used to deal with temperature variations and is appropriate for:

• Balconies and terraces exposed to open conditions or to be coated with ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone or roof tiles
• Concrete walls with medium, positive or negative, hydrostatic pressure
• Planters, Tanks and Water Reservoirs
• Fountains
• Surfaces undergoing expansion and contraction