Peneseal PRO RTU, when sprayed onto a thoroughly cleansed concrete surface, will react with the concrete to form a sub-surface gel. This gel seals the pores, capillaries and cracks. As long as water is present, the product will remain active and seal future hairline cracks.

Because of its ability to withstand thermal stress, PENESEAL PRO RTU is ideal for concrete roofs, podium decks, bridge decks, terraces, traffic bearing structures, runways, and driveways. In short, everywhere concrete is directly exposed to the elements and considerable thermal stress can be expected. For below ground projects, Penetron is the proven system of choice.

Size: 19L Pail (1 litre to 4-6 m²).



  • Concrete roofs
  • Podium decks
  • Bridge decks
  • Terraces
  • Traffic bearing structures
  • Runways
  • Driveways


  • Seals existing cracks of up to 2mm in size.
  • New hairline cracks will be sealed on contact with water.
  • Protects concrete against water, chloride and sulphate ingress.
  • Increases chemical resistance.
  • Due to its sub-surface nature, it doesn’t affect the adhesion of subsequent products.
  • Increases surface hardness.
  • Simple, fast and economical application compared to alternative membrane systems.
  • Trafficable within 6 hours after first water curing without affecting protection.
  • It will not peel or scratch and the treated surfaces can be polished.
  • No negative screed necessary.
  • Non Toxic