Our Compliances

Penetron is constantly going through a series of testing for various compliances.

“Penetron” around the world including “Penetron Australia” have carried out an extensive range of testing for the large variety of the Penetron products. To illustrates some of the testing performed, please see below:

Penetron Admix SB: Compressive strength, Chloride content, Chloride diffusion, Sulphate resistance, Carbonation, Drying Shrinkage, Initial and Final setting times, Volume of Permeable Voids VPV, Extension of the design life of the concrete structure using the 2nd Fick’s Law,  Water Permeability, Electrical Resistivity, Self-Healing capabilities thanks to the highly effective Penetron Crystalline technology, indoor air quality, etc.

Penetron (Coating): Self-Healing capabilities, indoor air quality, compliance for use in potable water concrete structures, etc.

Peneseal FH PS, Peneseal PRO RTU, and Peneguard : Slip Resistance of all the Penetron clear sealants.

Penebar SW: The Penetron swellable waterstops were tested to perform well to 70m head of pressure.

BioMic: Delaying the Microbial activity within the concrete specimen.

Request the supporting documents that address any of the areas above.