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Helping build impermeable concrete structures is a PENETRON specialty. The newly opened Charles Perkins Building showed Sydney University project managers just how effective PENETRON crystalline technology can be. Located on the Camperdown campus of Sydney University, the new Charles Perkins Centre is part of a regional research and education network connected to medical research institutes and Read more SYDNEY UNIVERSITY CONSTRUCTORS LEARN FROM PENETRON

Dug in completely saturated (and contaminated) soil, the Burrows Road Tunnel in Sydney, Australia needed a comprehensive waterproofing solution. PENETRON Australia provided a crystalline concrete waterproofing solution that worked. Part of the new Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia) network from the nearby Beaconsfield South Substation, the Burrows Road Tunnel is 87m (285 ft.) long and 2.8m (9 Read more PENETRON SYSTEM BEATS MUD AND CONTAMINATION: BURROWS ROAD TUNNEL